Yes, and didn't he eventually meet and marry his Wendy? And didn't they have an elaborate Peter Pan themed wedding? I think I remember reading something about this a couple of years ago. He was just eccentric and kind of charming in his weirdness. Romeo Rose is just... gross... » 7/22/14 4:47pm Yesterday 4:47pm

The food thing: I'm not a parent, but I WAS a VERY picky eater from toddler to about third grade. My diet mainly consisted of grilled cheese sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti with meatballs, and biscuits. If my grandmother cooked a vegetable (which meant it was either fried or tasted like bacon) I would eat… » 7/20/14 2:34pm Sunday 2:34pm

My husband and I have been toying with this as well. We thought we wanted kids when we got married, but I went through a miscarriage, then left his employer and became self employed, then I went back to school. Now I'm getting to the point where I'm aging out and honestly don't know if I want to even do it anymore.… » 7/17/14 5:53pm Thursday 5:53pm

Well, I'm not a lawyer, but I went to a private Christian university (I know, I know) and I know for a fact that on their job application they have potential employees provide a "statement of faith." So, some private nonprofit companies already ask about religious affiliation. I would assume it's only a matter of time… » 7/17/14 4:18pm Thursday 4:18pm

What? You mean you don't want giant maxi dresses made for a 7-foot-tall Amazon, bedazzled t-shirts that say "PARIS" for no damn good reason, or high-waist polyester pants that you will have to pay to have hemmed and will make you sweat bullets? What? What's wrong with you?? » 7/17/14 10:22am Thursday 10:22am

This is what gets me about the food service industry. There are all these extremely strict health code regulations and in restaurants you get surprise health department inspections all the time. They are pick about the temperature of holding areas, refrigerators, sell-by dates on packages, on and on, all of it… » 7/17/14 10:02am Thursday 10:02am

YES! My grandparents were from New Mexico and we used to travel all over the country in their RV every summer. People use to ask the DUMBEST questions. "Uhh... so... are you from Mexico or America or what?" "New Mexico? New.... Mexico? Where in Mexico is that?" and my personal favorite, "But you all don't look… » 7/15/14 6:00pm 7/15/14 6:00pm

That was my takeaway as well. While I think it's bullshit the mom was arrested (now she'll probably lose that McDonald's job, too), I also take issue with leaving a kid alone in a park for eight hours. But, she was doing her best to find a solution to a bad situation. » 7/15/14 5:02pm 7/15/14 5:02pm

My half sister does the exact same thing. It's gotten so bad that I can hardly stand to be around her. She makes everything about food, about what she can* or can not* eat. She will barge into a kitchen where food is being prepared and loudly start demanding the cooks change what they are doing. Over the years it's… » 7/15/14 3:57pm 7/15/14 3:57pm